Message From The President

“State of art technology, quality product, perfect service”

Kemal Can

Can Group, operating with the principle of "People First" and "Country First" since the first day of its establishment, has dedicated itself to create value for all its stakeholders, employees, customers, local and international partners, the society and the country by offering products and services that will meet the needs of all of these stakeholders.

In addition, Can Holding group of companies, aim to create stable and long-term value for all its stakeholders in terms of high performance and profitability, fulfilling its responsibilities in full compliance with the corporate and ethical standards. The Group aims to achieve this by continuously applying modern technology, high quality products, outstanding service and quality management within various investment areas that support each other within the framework of an ecosystem.  

Today, Can Holding has become a large family with over 30,000 employees across all business lines and subsidiaries making this large and well-established family company one of the largest groups in Turkey in terms of consolidated size.

The Group's activity areas today include energy, oil distribution, durable consumption, education, tourism and health. 

‘Enerji Petrol’ carries out fuel distribution and mineral oil production activities within the energy sector and operates in many parts of Turkey with a total of over 500 dealers and continues to grow rapidly.

Our subsidiary “Awox” in the “Technology and Durable Consumption Products” sector, is the flagship our Group. Awox, currently with over 100.00 square meters of production area in Çerkezköy and Lüleburgaz, plans to start its production facility in the city of Mersin with full capacity in 2022, which will consist of an area of 500.000 square meters. The construction of this massive production facility has been ongoing since 2016. Once completed with a total investment of 3.5 bln. TL, the facility will carry out an annual production of 50 million units and an export of 2 billion USD, providing 10,000 thousand direct jobs initially and a total amount 20,000 new jobs in total.

Awox will be making a giant leap forward with this particular investment, allowing the brand to become a significant and well-known global player in line with Turkey’s path and policies aiming at transforming Turkey into a global production and supply center. With this particular investment Can Technology Group will continue its investments path with the strategy of creating ecosystems, allowing the Group position itself as a key player in the production and supply of technological products in the world.

By placing innovative technologies and digitalization in the center of its ecosystem strategy, Can Group entered the education sector by including Istanbul Bilgi University to Can Education in 2019. Bilgi University, currently with 25,000 students, more than 60.000 alumni and a history of nearly 30 years, is one of the pioneering foundation universities in the country and continues to grow with new investments in a brand-new faculty of medicine along with its investments, engineering, technology, R&D companies, startup ecosystems, techno parks and similar fields.

In addition, within the framework of the Group’s growth ambitions in the education sector, Doğa Koleji, one of the largest elementary, secondary and high school education institutions in Turkey became a part of Can Education Group as of 2022. With the addition of this large educational institution with nearly 60 thousand students and more than 100 campuses, Can Group has become a leading player in the country.

Can Group will continue to make its strategic plan for the next 10 years focusing on technology and communication industry with the aim of becoming a significant player in these industries in a global perspective, while at the same time keeping in mind its clear vision of creating ecosystems which support and complement each other.

As Can group we foresee great growth in payment technologies, high data usage internet-connected devices, as well as in communication technologies and therefore are dedicated to increase our investments in these sectors in the near future. 

Creating value for our country and on our region will remain our main drive in our path to conduct these investments. At the same time, we believe Turkey provides an outstanding climate for investments in the field of technology and communication due to its growing economy, young population, its investment policies and incentives.

In particular, the concept of "connected devices" technology and the predication that this technology will enable the digital networks to be fully integrated with any kind of smart household devices has motivated us to increased our investments in this particular area.   

Can Holding is one of the leading institutions of our country in the field of education with its affiliates in both elementary, secondary and higher education, with Bilgi University and Doğa Koleji counting approximately 100.000 students in total. The internet and communication technology are great enablers for not only increasing the efficiency as well as the quality of today’s education, but also for making the education more accessible countrywide.  

Can Holding offers products and services which are produced with the drive to be compatible with the rapidly changing technological world, while at the same time integrating the working discipline with respect for hard work, the principle of unconditional compliance with internationally accepted laws, and transparency. 

In parallel with this, Can Group has made it its principle to offer a safe work environment which respects the rights of its employees above all at all times.

Can Group aims to serve as a model in every industry it operates by being fully aware of its responsibilities for a sustainable world, international rules & laws, climate &environment, and by fulfilling these responsibilities without any compromise.

"We are a big family with stakeholders from all over the world"

Can Holding works very closely with local and global consultancy firms to increase the quality of its products and services along its mission to be a reliable and entrepreneurial organization which prioritizes the benefit of the society, the country, and the world above all.

In close collaboration with universities and international institutions, Can Group dedicates itself to continues improvement by closely following technological and industrial developments with its inhouse R&D team spread over countries.

Can group takes great pride in continuing its growth and development which is fueled and empowered by its history and experienced built up over the last decades. 

Compliance with international law, banking and finance regulations are among the most important principles in every sector in which the Group operates, which would not be possible without the Group’s extended history and experienced management and staff.

Within the framework of its strategic cooperation with leading consulting firms and investment banks, the Group plans its new investment path to create an ecosystem to fully benefit from and maximize the added value of each of its group companies.  

In the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, Can Holding and its subsidiaries continue their efforts to serve the country with their investments in the local and global economy.