Social Responsibility

"A well-established organization which fuels its growth by its ideals for the people, for the country and the world …"

Following a period of nearly 50 years of intensive professional life, Mr. Zamanhan Can, who places emphasis on charity and active community support, is devoting most of his time to education and healthcare sectors. In line with this mission, he has decided to expand the activities of Zamanhan Can Foundation and Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation by focusing on projects with the aim of providing the best education and training for our children, from kindergarten to higher education.

In this context, currently through foundations, companies, and personal engagement, educational support is given to thousands of school-aged children from low-income families.

Our founder has also given great importance to supporting studies and initiatives focusing on “prevention of neonatal deaths''. Within this context, he has set up the first and only Intensive Care Unit for children in Doğubeyazıt within the Eastern Anatolian Region, where all services are provided on a free of charge basis for the good of the community. Besides this ongoing focus on prevention of this important issue in certain regions of Turkey, the charity foundation also actively grants scholarships to children to make education accessible to everyone. 

By combining his vision and forward thinking with the strategic positioning of Doğu Beyazıt on the Silk Road, Mr. Zamanhan Can has succeeded in creating a leading company in Turkey and in the world. Mr. Zamanhan Can aims to work for the benefit of the society around him by enabling individuals to become a better person for the society and the world, where Zamanhan Can Foundation has been instrumental to extend a helping hand to the masses in need.