Enerji Petrol A.Ş., growing continuously in the energy sector, has various investments within this particular sector; “Enerji Gaz” with its mineral oil factory and facilities, has the largest oil and derivatives storage area in Turkey within area of 150.000 square meters. The company has obtained the Distribution License granted by the "National Security Council" with its strategic investment and keeps growing with the energy and the dynamics of the country.

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Energy & Oil

The "Durable Consumption and Electronics" group, using state of art production facilities in Turkey, closely follows the ever-evolving and changing needs of today and adjust to these developments rapidly. Currently the brands such as Awox, Seikon, Telefox and Energia Can Group adds value to Turkey's economy with its’ high-tech production facilities and experienced engineering team constantly chasing the impossible within its R&D facilities in Turkey and as well as abroad.

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AWOX Durable Consumption Group

Bilgi University has been a groundbreaking institution within the Turkish education sector which has brought a new breath to the understanding of university education. Not only is Bilgi University amongst the leading academic institutions in Turkey, due its expert academics and distinguished educators it has become a global hub for first-rate education with global reach.


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Istanbul Bilgi University Foundation

Doğa Koleji, established in 2002, has become the leader of education sector in Turkey within a short time due its original education model which strongly emphasizes the innovative perspective and academic achievements. Today we continue to work non-stop to add value to the education and the development of the country’s future under the umbrella of Can Education Group.

Doğa Koleji aims to raise individuals who are open to science and scientific studies, who believe in continuous development, are self-confident, responsible, love art and sports, learn by internalizing, question, think freely and express their thoughts clearly, have an international vision: With these values and this mindset Doğa Koleji offers its students premium education by innovating itself constantly to improve its quality of education and add more value.

Today Doğa Koleji provides state of art education to 51.000 students with its 8.000 experienced staff working at more than 100 campuses in different parts of Turkey.

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ITU ETA Foundation Doğa Koleji


Logistics & Cargo

While VIP Transport provides export logistics storage services in a closed area of 2.000 square meters in Hadımköy, it also provides general warehouse and combustible warehouse services. It aims to reduce the costs of its stakeholders and improve overall processes throughout the stock management and supply chain.







Logistics and Cargo

Private Mediza Hospital is one of the leading healthcare providers of Ağrı with its 5.000 square meter building equipped with the state of art technologies. It provides services in all branches with its experienced medical staff.




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Private Mediza Hospital

Golden Hill Hotels provides services at six different locations in Doğubayazıt and Istanbul. While being in full compliance with Covid-19 standards, it offers to its guests the ease of gym, sauna, spa center and dozens of other activities.



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Golden Hill Hotel

Concrete Production Plant

Our facility has a production capacity of 1.000 m3 per day with a transportation network consisting of 100 mixer bulk trailer and pump vehicles.

Retail and Manufacturing

Our TOKAI facility has a production area of 7.500 m2 in Gebze district of Kocaeli, serving 20% of the market in Turkey with its annual production of 100.000.000 lighters with its 3.500 m2 warehouse area and 10 operating workshops. TOKAI brand is also the leader in its own sector in Turkey.

Concrete Plant, Retail and Manufacturing