Our Founder

Our Founder, Mr.  Zamanhan Can was born in Doğubeyazıt in 1935.

He started his career in 1950 at the age of 15.

In 1972, he established the trading company bearing the title of "Zamanhan Can" and made his first registration with the chamber of commerce.

This company, which was established, was one of the first companies to receive an “export certificate abroad” despite the problem of the view against the hard conditions and the difficulties of that period.

At that time, Mr. Zamanhan began to actively export-import with Turkey's contiguous countries, besides his trade and commercial activities, he opened its first hotel by making its first investment in the tourism sector.

In the same period, it entered the energy sector, which is the driving force of the group, by establishing the first fuel station and laid the first foundations of the Can Energy Group.

In the next period, spread across Turkey showed a rapid growth momentum in the international trade, energy, and tourism categories, it began to become widespread in all provinces and branching.

Planned and steadily growing, the group has actively included the second generation in management since 1986, significantly increasing its activities, business volume, and development in the form of a large "Family Company".

As of 1986, the Group officially started the central operations of its active commercial activities, considering the developing business volume, in order to follow new markets and opportunities, increase trade coordination and operational efficiency, and have moved to Istanbul in 1990 which heart of trade.

After moving its active commercial operations to Istanbul, the group opened its first overseas office in Dubai in 1991 due to its growing international trade volume, making international trade volume more common and institutional at that time.

After the dissolution of the USSR in the 90s, the international growth of the group gained momentum with the trade activities in the newly established Central Asian Turkic Republics, as the world trade balances changed, the consumption needs and activities increased in these regions, and the commercial potential in these regions our founder saw the first branch and investment of CAN Group, one of the first companies to invest in these newly established countries, in Kazakhstan in 1991 and became one of the first foreign investors of this young country.

Afterward, he started commercial activities in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and became one of the first foreign investors of these newly established countries. In this country, whose foundations are based on trust and reliable local collaborations, the investments of the group continue to grow as of today.

In these years, our founder Zamanhan Can, by using the advantage of being a large and deep-rooted family, sent his second-generation executives who took an active role in the management of the company to each of the newly established Central Asian countries with the potential to develop and aimed to dominate the dynamics, cultures and social structures of these countries, control, and local cooperation in the relationship of trust have made the group an important player in the international arena, especially in these regions.

In a planned way, by starting direct investments, corporations, and commercial activities in middle east countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, it strengthened the foundations of the "internationalization" target by crossing geographical boundaries and determined the main investment target and vision of the Can Group.

In the framework of our founder's planned and stable growth vision,

In 1993, Turkey, as of today, most of which Gas Station Property Ownership "Energy Petrol" established the foundations for the first filling station in Istanbul and was given per the international trade large volumes of oil and derivatives in the same year.

“Energy Petrol”, which has grown rapidly and in a planned manner in the energy sector, was one of the first companies to receive a “Distribution License” as a result of the completion of very legal compliance procedures due to its strategic investment.

In these years, Can Group a rapid growth trend caught up in all regions of Turkey in 2003, the first high-capacity "mineral oil" was established factory, in 2005, "Energy Gas" founded and began growing in other derivative products in the energy sector.

Established on this basis, Can Energy Group, as of today, Turkeys are one of the groups with the storage most oil and its derivatives capacity, at the same time, high-capacity operating in that area has, as accredited with suitable and international banks and trading companies with international standards and long provides storage and logistics services and services to world's giant companies with agreements based on time.

Again, with the ''Energy'' brand, including the industrial heart of Turkey's Marmara region, it's one of the most common companies in the provide distribution services for individual consumers and industrial producers for fuel, gas, mineral oil, and other oil derivatives with 475 Gas Station in Turkey's 81 provinces.

In 2000, following the changing needs and developments, Can Group laid the foundations of the “Electronics and Durable Goods Technological Product Manufacturing” Group, which has strategic importance in terms of international trade, which is one of the other locomotive sectors and firstly, with the brand “Awox”, Television established its first factory in Çerkezköy to manufacture Small Home Appliances in 25 different product ranges.

In the next years, with the capacity increase within the framework of strategic importance and objectives given to this sector and new investments in different regions of Turkey especially with Turkey to neighboring countries to export target and soon with the completion of the capacity increase investment in Turkey on 100. years, we proudly celebrate our in the Republic will end 2023 to 700 thousand square meters with a production area, with the white goods, TV, Small Appliances varieties, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, the It plans to become the largest manufacturing company in Turkey, and with the completion of the investments made within this scope, it envisages the production, distribution, and export of 50 million pieces of technological products with the brands of Awox ” Seikon ” Telefox ”Energia” annually in the range of durable consumer products.

In the “Tourism” sector investments, following the foundation years of Can Group, there are a total of 7 city hotels, 6 of which are Istanbul, with a capacity of 2500 beds and a 3000 square meter conference space, with the capacity increases to be completed.

The only way for our founder to develop our country and to have a deep-rooted power in the world; with the belief that our hardworking and intelligent country people will be provided with a world-class education and this opportunity will be provided to every child of our country in the remotest villages of 81 provinces,

Can Group in 2019, Turkey's one of the first private universities and also the international reputation of our country, 45 thousand in excess graduate, with a student body of more than 20000 thousand who have proud that Istanbul's Bilgi University and Education Foundation's biggest supporter in the education sector took the first step into education.

As a result of nearly 50 years of intense and devoted work, Mr. Zamanhan, who places emphasis on social assistance activities, has devoted most of his time to education and health issues, which he always emphasizes on the importance of his life, which he sees as a guarantee of development and future by devoting the activities of “Zamanhan Can Foundation” and “Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation”, it is dedicated to establishing the strong foundations of the group's national and international new steps in providing the best education and training for our children, from kindergarten to higher education.

In this context, foundations, companies, and personally, educational support is given to thousands of school-aged children with low income.

Pioneering steps have been taken in this field with the intensive studies and guidance regarding “reducing the death of newborn babies” that our founder attaches importance to as much as education. In this context, the most innovative, first, and only Child Intensive Care Unit of our Eastern Anatolia Region, including Doğubeyazıt, was established and services are provided without any material return.

Our foundation provides educational scholarships to children who cannot receive an education due to financial difficulties, besides, in order to prevent newborn infant deaths that are not on the agenda but are a very important problem,  invests especially without a variety of commercial expectations in Turkey and the world and under the favor of assisting on the occasion of his assistance to the neonatal intensive care unit in Turkey, it supports the new institutions.

Exactly 70 years ago, because of Doğu Beyazıt geographic location advantage of being on shaping the world trading Silk Road, combining vision and the point of forward-looking perspective, and today has managed to become one of Turkey's and the world's one of the special holding's leader, Mr. Zamanhan Can, who instilled in her children and the next generations to be a beneficial person for her country and the world, is actively working for the Zamanhan Can Foundation to extend a helping hand to the wider masses.

As a Can Holding Senior Staff,

Our founder Mr. Zamanhan Can's the basic principle of the group he put forward with the recommendation of “see every person living on earth as your countrymen”, in the framework of respect for cultures and laws, in the framework of international trade, technological products, education, we proceed on the road to becoming a "Citizen of the World" by removing all geographical boundaries with health investments.

Zamanhan Can

Zamanhan CAN