About Us

A deep-rooted establishment that has ideals for people, the country, the world and grows with the power it takes from these ideals…

Can Holding, lay the fundamentals of which are half a century, whose history dates back to thousands of years, and which is the most important junction of the Silk Road, which is the crossroads of cultures, was established in Doğubeyazıt, today, it continues its activities in different sectors such as factories and dealers with energy, industry, tourism, electronics, logistics, health and education in 20 countries, 7 regions of Turkey and operates in over 80 companies.

Can Holding continues going forward, without compromising own principles on its way since 1950, and reaching to national and global successes with Turkey's growing economy, a geographical location that combines continents,  and with the power which received from hardworking people, reaching national and global successes.

Our group, which started its international activities since 1972, has a common history, social and cultural affinity, especially Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Albania, Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Iraq, Syria, and Israel, with the condition and principle of prioritizing the respect and sensitivity of the citizens of those countries, they have invested in and continue to cooperate in these countries.

At the same time, especially our activities in the energy sector; the vast majority of our warehousing, logistics, and infrastructure services have been continuing for many years with principled disciplined collaborations and service agreements with major international trading companies such as Glencore, Trafigura. And, in the same way, our long-standing collaborations, serve, and service agreements continue in the trading departments of international banks.

“Modern technology, quality product, perfect service”

Can Holding Corporate Group, from the first day of its establishment, with principles of “People First”, “Country First” and which draw the roadmap with this business approach, it continues to take steps to create value and principled difference for all its stakeholders, employees, customers, national and international partners, society and country and offers products and services to meet the needs of its stakeholders. Carrying the understanding of modern technology, quality products, perfect service, modern and principled business administration, Can Holding Corporate Group aims to create stable and long-term value for all its stakeholders in terms of high performance and profitability, fulfilling their responsibilities towards corporate and ethical values.

Today, Can Holding is one of the biggest group with over 15 thousand employees working directly and indirectly, with all business lines and subsidiaries in Turkey.

The consolidated revenue is projected to be 2 times more with ongoing investment and capacity increases, by 2025.

Integrating its working discipline with respect to labor, trust in people, transparent and internationally accepted laws, rules, and principles with unconditional compliance principle, Can Holding offers products and services that it produces with the understanding of being instantly compatible with high-quality, rapidly changing technological advances.

In this regard, it offers a safe working environment that respects human and labor rights.

Can Holding Corporate Group which set an example in all the sectors in which it operates, carries out its activities with the awareness of its responsibilities on behalf of a sustainable world, and fulfills its corporate social responsibility obligations and uses its resources efficiently and as a company that respects the international law rules, climate and environment.

"We are a big family with stakeholders who are citizens of the world"

Aiming to be a trustworthy and entrepreneurial institution that cares for the benefit of society, country, and the world in all circumstances, Can Holding works closely with local and global consultancy companies to improve the quality of its products and services.

Group constantly improve itself with the team of 80 people R&D and national and international consultants, by closely following the technological and industrial developments with its human resources.

Combining the experience and knowledge from its deep-rooted past with the qualified workforce it receives from its employees, Can Holding continues its sustainable growth without slowing down.

It is one of our most important motivations to provide universal quality standards, international law rules, banking and finance regulations in every sector it operates in with its visionary, planned, equipped, and expert human resources and internationally accredited companies and their team. Within the scope of the strategic cooperation agreement, which has made with McKinsey Head Office and Turkey Office, we're planning and modeling the quest of a new investment plan to cover all the group companies.

In the 100th year of our Republic (year 2023) , which we'll proudly celebrate, Can Holding and its subsidiaries continue to work with determination to serve Turkey and Global economy, with the investment in production and the education sector.

Zamanhan Can

Kemal CAN