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Following the changing needs and developments in 2000, the foundations of the “Durable Consumption and Electronics” group, which have strategic importance in terms of international trade, which is one of the other locomotive sectors, have been laid, with the brand “Awox”, Television is the first factory for manufacturing Small Home Appliances in 25 different product ranges, Çerkezköy. was established in.

40.000 m2 closed production facility in Çerkezköy OSB. It produces in 6 different sections with a storage area of ​​20 thousand m2 in Lüleburgaz. With the use of latest technology in modern production and after-sales support services has a significant market share in Turkey. It creates added value for the country's economy with 90 engineers working in the R&D department, including abroad.

Read more in that year, given to this sector of strategic importance and capacity increase within the framework of the objectives and Turkey in different regions of the export target mainly countries neighboring Turkey with new investments and as soon as we proudly celebrate our Republic with the completion of additional capacity investments to be finished 100th anniversary the 2023 700 thousand square meters with a production area, white goods, TV, Small Appliances varieties, the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment all and end-product as is planning to become Turkey's largest manufacturing companies, including each stage and the investments made in this context With its completion, it envisages the production, distribution and export of 50 million pieces of technological products with the brands of "Awox" "Seikon" "Telefox" "Energia" in the range of durable consumer products.

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